Philosophy of Language

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Day TopicReadingSlide
Logical Positivism Ayer, A. J. Language, Truth and Logic  
Analyticity Quine, W. V. Two Dogmas  
Behaviorism Quine, W. V. Translation and Meaning  
Against Behaviorism Searle, J. Indeterminacy, Empiricism, and the First Person
Innateness Chomsky, N. Knowledge and Meaning  
Truth Theory Tarski, A. The Semantic Conception of Truth
Truth-Theoretic Semantics Davidson, D. Truth and Meaning  
Truth-Theoretic Semantics Davidson, D. Radical Interpretation  
10 Language Use Austin, J. L. How to do Things with Words  
11 Speech Act Theory Searle, J. Speech Acts  
12 Speaker-Meaning Grice, P. Meaning  
13 Linguistic Meaning Lewis, D. Language and Convention  
14 Sense and Reference Frege, G. Sense and Reference  
15 Definite Descriptions Russell, B. On Denoting  
16 Referring Strawson, P. On Referring  
17 Reference Kripke, S. Naming and Necessity: Lecture 1  
18 Externalism Putnam, H. Meaning and Reference