PHIL 2630 - Contemporary Moral Issues


  • Office: Griffin Floyd, 307
  • Email: belic at ufl dot edu
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  • Prerequisites: None. Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 2010) recommended..

Aristotle, N. EthicsAristotle, N. Ethics, Ch. GenerosityMidterm
MethodologyCh. 1; Dennett, Common Sense Religion
Ethics and ReligionPlato, Euthyphro
Thrs  Relativism and Egoism Rachels, J. The Challenge of Cultural Relativism  
Mon Utilitarianism Bentham, J. The Principles of Moral Legislation
Mill, J. S. Utilitarianism
Tues Charity Singer, P. Famine, Affluence and Morality  
Wed Deontology O'Neill, O. A Simplified Kantian Ethics
Wed Deontology O'Neill, O. A Simplified Kantian Ethics
10 Virtue Ethics
11 Charity and Virtue Ethics
13 Animal RightsCh. 15; Singer, All Animals are Equal
14 Animal RightsCh. 1; Warren, Difficulties with Strong Rights Position
15 AbortionCh. 8
16 AbortionThomson, A Defence of Abortion
17 AbortionMarquis, Why Abortion is Immoral
18 AbortionLittle, The Morality of Abortion
19 AbortionNoonan, Jr. An Almost Absolute Value in History
20 Economic JusticeCh. 18
21 Economic JusticeRawls, On Justice
22 Economic JusticeNozick, The Entitlement Theory of Justice`
23 Economic JusticeHospers, What Libertarianism is
24 Economic JusticeNeilsen, Equality and Liberty
25 Economic JusticeSinger, Famine, Affluence and Morality
26 Economic JusticeHardin, Life Boat Ethics