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A priori Explanations of Word-Meaning and Concepts.”


Teaching as Performance: A Model and Diagnostic.” (with Gene Witmer)

Abstract: The design and delivery of introductory philosophical lectures in lecture halls is quite literally a kind of theatrical performance art closely related to Classical tragedy. Introductory philosophical lectures are not exercises in dialectic, exhibitions of intellectual virtues or effective transmissions of philosophical knowledge. Like all theatre productions, they ought to aim at evoking emotions particular to that kind of art form. Our general line of thought is couched in an Aristotelean view of fine art and tragedy. We think that because of its characteristic affect, philosophy has much to learn from classical tragedy production as Aristotle understood it. We develop a model for lecture design and, moreover, a method for diagnosing flawed or imperfect lecture designs.

The Manipulation Argument and How Others Would Fare.”

Abstract: Pereboom's four-case manipulation argument purports to show that compatibilism cannot distinguish between manipulation and free action. Although I agree with Pereboom's argument against certain kinds of compatibilism, I offer a soft-reply that resists the generalization strategy. Compatibilism can make the distinction by asking how others would fare in the relevant historical circumstances.

“Are Explanations Speech Acts?

Abstract: Teaching or explaining, for instance, the meanings of words is by initial appearances a speech act. It is not, however, a speech act that fits naturally under any prominent speech act taxonomy, including Austin's and Searle's. Although explanations share some important features of commands, assertions and declaratives, their illocutionary force is sui generis. This natural conception, however, is in conflict with Gricean analyses of speaker-meaning. So, it seems that in explaining something a teacher performs a speech act but does not say anything by doing so. A remedy is suggested.


Teaching as Performance: A Model and Diagnostic:

2015, American Philosophical Association Conference (Pacific), Panel on Teaching, Vancouver, BC.

The Manipulation Argument and How Others Would Fare

2015, Canadian Philosophical Association Congress, Vancouver, BC.

Is Teaching a Speech Act?

2012, FSU-UFL Graduate Conference, Gainesville, FL.

Are Truth-Conditional Semantics Informative?

2011, Canadian Philosophical Association Congress, Vancouver, BC.

2011, FSU-UFL Joint Graduate Conference, Florida State University

2010, Graduate Conference in Philosophy, Gonzaga University

Experimental Philosophy and Moral Inquiry

2008, Conference of the Social Sciences,University of Florida